Friday, January 25, 2013

Saved By the Scissors

No nonsense is my approach. If something doesn't work, just cut it off. Well, admittedly that doesn't work for everything, but for food storage lids it was slick.

These glass dishes with the side snap lids were the hottest item several years ago. I bought a set for my elderly mother. When they were new, the lids popped on and off easily. After a few years, even I could not make them fasten. The side flaps were a total nuisance, filling the cupboard and crowding the fridge.

Scissors were the tool for this one of the Things I get to do today: quick, easy, no nonsense.


  1. Replies
    1. Perfectly! They nestle right down. Just not liquid tight if you tip them over.

  2. I have those and really like them. Sometimes I am not strong enough to get the flap to snap....but they sure do work good for taking my lunch each day.

    1. And that's what they are really good for--holding liquids tight no matter what. Without the flaps they sit snugly on top and can be removed easily. Love the dishes that can go in the microwave.