Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Good Stiff One

It came with the wind.  Not long after the grey weather shifted to clear and cold, the wind began.  It never rattled the house, but the trees swirled, and it blew the girls' bloomers up toward their red-combed heads.
Frozen and "broken" by the wind

I may have fretted over a few frozen plants and the comfort of my chickens, but Handy Andy is a Practical Pat if nothing else.  I saw (felt, smelled) line-dried sheets.

Whipped silly by a stiff one

As soon as I came to my senses, the sheets were washed.  They steamed only briefly on the line in the wind before they stiffened,  frozen by the cold.  Good stiff gusts and good stiff sheets worked together to be dry in no time.

Dry, smooth, at rest.  Picked up a tip from the hotels we
stayed at in December:  a sheet over the down comforter
is a very easy cover and make it much warmer!

The most fabulous of Things I get to do today is bring in the perfectly smooth, so-fresh-they-knock-my-socks-off sheets an hour or so later and make my bed.  I'm heady drunk with the pleasure--so sublime and cheaper than any "stiff" drink!


  1. Air dried sheets...they smell as fresh as when I was a girl. A life constant.

    1. Maybe that's it--it goes all the way back to the beginning, doesn't? Still in love,I am.

    2. Handy Andy really was the one responding. I'll get this technology figured out soon.

  2. My favorites too, though here I think they'd freeze today.

    1. But, of course. Mine froze and dried allay the same time! The wind was what dried them, but the low humidity and extreme cold can do the same. Good to hear from you, Asta.