Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Short of a Pine Box

The remains of M. Cactus

The day is gray and bone-chilled.  Perfect day for a funeral.  Since I have no pine box for M. Cactus, he's going into the ground in a paper bag.  The bag is made from wood of some sort.  It will do.

I said a few words over my sister's cat when we put her into the ground a few years back, but have never had a service for a cactus.  After sorting through all the Things I get to do today for a proper ending for Monsieur Cactus, somehow the compost pile doesn't seem appropriate.

So bag in one hand and shovel in the other and with no words except "Thank You," I've invited my garden to accept what's left of this spiny plant.  RIP.

But wait!  The story writes itself another paragraph!  My shovel tipped up three good-sized potatoes from the garden bed, volunteers from emptying my compost pail into the ground a year or so ago.  A tiny miracle warms the cold, bleak day.


  1. Bye, bye Monsieur Cactus! very cute post, and what a pleasant surprise on the potato find.

  2. Poor Mr. Cactus, but good news on the potatoes!

    1. Do you think we could prepare the potatoes Southwestern Style? What would that be for a potato, anyway?

  3. What a good way to dispose of Mr. Cactus? Perhaps a fiery viking death would have been even better. Have discovered over time anda travel that the spines never go away. They can travel great distances after death. They can come back to haunt one. They can unbury themselves. Spoken by one who has gone bare foot in the SW and lived to regret it.

  4. OH! Well, at least he is in a bag. I could haul him out of the garden bed. It occurs to me, however, that in our WET climate the spines just may rot. In the SW they dry and are forever preserved, as your feet can tell you.