Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deep in the Heart of It

Checked the weather:  best day of the week to plark in the park (yard).  The general disarray and ragged, frost-browned plants had made me twinge since the cold had done'm all in a week or so ago. Cleaning up in the yard is definitely one of the Things I get to do today.

The clump with the ruby heart
To be honest here, I wasn't very excited about this "get to."  To make it more do-able, clearing one corner was my goal.  That's how it works:  pick one small, relatively easy section and do it well.  The encouraging energy from success in one area will provide fuel to move to the next area, and so forth.


I wasn't prepared for what happened first. A spindly clump of tall, decorative grass needed to be cut down.  When I bent over and broke off a stalk, I was stunned.  The ruby-hearted grass sent shivers through the whole of me, and I stared for a long while.  Whatever plant deva created that show and that sign touched the stalk with a bit of heaven.  None of the other grass stalks were anything but grey or green.

Well, the whole yard was slicked up before you knew it, and that's not important.  Just wanted you to look deep into the heart of the plark in the park.