Friday, May 4, 2012

Christmas and Spring

In the arms of love

We had a magnificent Christmas tree this last winter.  When the official season was over, the tree was definitely not dead or ready to be disposed of--see: "In the Arms of Love" (1-3-12).  Subsequent holidays came and went, Valentine's, Presidents', St. Patrick's, and Easter.  I had thought if the tree can make it until Easter, oh my!

Still quite green for a May Christmas Tree

May 1, well past Easter, a terrific wind came through.  The Christmas tree leaned out from its arms of security and toppled to its side on the ground.  It was time.  Along with its departure came the awareness of its future use.

Steep bank and erosion

Bank secured with Christmas branches
The limbs were cut from the trunk and used to stabilize the steep bank of the ditch/creek next to our property where Dame Apple lives.  These branches will help hold the soil through the rains that we are sure to have.

And the trunk?  It will season over the summer.  Next Christmas we will burn those logs for our family gathering. When the house is again quiet, the ashes will be scooped and sprinkled into the garden where they will become part of new life.  Full cycle.  Sweet tradition.


  1. Wow! That is a long time for a tree to last and keep needles. It must had been very fresh cut.

    1. Yup! You're right. It was fresh. But we've also had nearly constant rain for so long, the tree just could not dry out. I'm happy it all came to an excellent end.