Saturday, May 26, 2012

Angel Boas

The tree was supposed to be eight feet tall at the most. It's a Baby Curly Black Locust.  It had other plans.  Over the years the slender trunk reached up and up--15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet.  It takes virtually no space on the ground, and yet its dappled canopy of leaves create blessed shade about 2:30 every afternoon that it is needed.

And in the Spring, oh the spenders of it all, in the Spring it piles mounds of fragrant, pea-type blossoms along its slender arms.

If Angels dressed up, they would wear these around their shoulders.

When I was finished with all the Things I get to do today, I looked up and understood.  The tree is reaching to the Angels--eight feet won't do for a moment--extending it luscious flower boas to drape the Angels.


  1. Black Locusts are such sweet-smelling trees! They scent the countryside during the first warm spring evenings. What a luscious sensory treat!


    1. Oh! So glad you get to share in the experience in your part of the country. They don't grow wild here in Oregon at all, I don't think. Certainly a treat.