Monday, May 7, 2012

The Back Porch

Things collect.  I don't even really have a back porch--back entrance, yes--it's really only a step between the patio and the door in.  It's out of the weather pretty much.  Is that what makes it attract stuff?

Nature does its part.  This is a corner, and the wind brings things to corners and forgets to pick them up again.  Leaves and twigs always and pollen this time of year cover the surfaces.

"Before" has gone.
"After" feels like we're headed the right direction.
Then there's my contribution.  It's almost as though it is a part of the Things I get to do today--"leave something on the back porch."  One thing leads to another and before you know it, a small mountain of odd items is snuggled together like incestuous  family of some sort.  Enough!

After removing residue from footwear not allowed in the house under even emergency situations, it seems like a good time to move "stuff" to more appropriate locations, hit it with the broom, and tidy up.


  1. My "backroom" is like that, collecting what we drop off there along with dirt and stuff tracked in on shoes; where we leave shoes, etc. It is in constant need of cleaning. But saves the rest of the house from the dirt, as most of it is dropped off there.

    1. Thanks, Kat. I just knew others "suffered" from the same situation. But I like your take on how it saves the rest of the house. Perfect!