Saturday, May 12, 2012


I love to stack wood.  It was my special reward and privilege to stack the wood in my woodshed when it was finished.  I enjoyed every stick of it.

My neighbor, on the other hand, does not like to "work" on his wood piles.  He's been collecting them for years and has about four of them covered with slowly-deteriorating, woven, blue tarps.  But yesterday he was inspired to remove the tarps, survey the situation, and begin making order of it all. He stacked wood.  I'm not an expert on this, and I've had to restack (several times) various wood rows around the property before I built the wood shed, so I took particular notice of his supports for the row and its ends.  That it held up at all was a small miracle.   By evening a strong gust of wind took his efforts to the ground.  I shook my head, smug in my stacking know-how, amazed that it lasted even three hours.

Not so smug as I viewed my own stacking project!

And now this afternoon I'm adding "stack wood" to my list of Things I get to do today--soon.  For some reason (karmic, perhaps?) my own wood refused to stay stacked--even in its tidy, little, custom-made shed.  Room for thought here.

Did I mention that I love to stack wood?


  1. What is your stove to burn such little pieces of wood. Or do you not have really cold winter days? Would love to learn about your climate.

    1. Such a good question. We are using this purely for recreation--a darling little chiminea on our back patio is where we light a fire several times a week in the late spring and summer. The opening is small, so all the wood must be no longer than 8". Also one of my Things projects this summer is to build an outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven! The small wood is best for that.

      Portland is a pretty mild place to live. Our average winter temps are 36 for the low and 45 for the high. But rain--we have rain.