Friday, August 10, 2012

It's OK to Drool

51" handle and an 18" handle hoe
These guys nearly run themselves!  Remember the broom that swept the floor all by itself?  Well, here you go--two tools for the yard and garden that will hoe your socks off, weed with such ease it makes your eyes water, dig holes, chop out shrub suckers, work around step stones and rocks, slide with ease through hard packed earth in a hen yard,  and remove a dandelion along with its roots.  And that's just the beginning of Things I get to do today with these babies.

While helping a friend remedy a state of back-yard, where-do-I-begin overwhelm not long ago, I had the great fortune of using this long-handled hoe.  Had to have one.  Being the brand-new owner of a long-handle and a short-handle hoe hauls me out to the yard to put these to the test.  Stunned and amazed I was by how easily they did the job.  The hoe part is very heavy metal.  You move the handle, and the weight of the hoe head just slices right through everything.

You will never wear this out!

Sorry to say you can't rush out to your local garden retailing Giant and buy one for yourself.  These are individually hand made by Hinh T. Pham in Sherwood, Oregon. They are sold by word of mouth, and Pham can hardly keep up with the demand.  Blue Heron Garden Tools, their business,  will have its website up and available soon.  I'll keep you posted.  Until then you can reach them at 503-625-5597. They ship!


  1. Sure looks like it would do the trick. I need one today, as my garden is full of weeds and too wet to till.

    1. I'll just drop by with my wonderful tools and weed for you. Wouldn't that be a hoot?! You could fix me some iced tea, and when the garden was finished, we would sit in the shade and visit a spell.