Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bee Crazy

A random "weed" fennel that was
allowed to carry on

Most of the showy flowers of summer have fled from the stage.  The honey bees were in love with many of them.  As my yard became less and less diverse in blooms, I wondered what the honey bees would do.

Missy Pollen Britches on the right is loaded to go

And then one morning quite early when Things I get to do today had taken me on a tour of the Northwest corner, I found that the fennel was all a-buzz.  A gentle, relaxing breath filled my body and found its release in knowing that those wonderfully resourceful honey bees will always know where to find nectar and pollen for their hive.

Breakfast is served!

The current bee favorites beyond the fennel are the gloriously generous flowers of rudebeckia and hardy geranium. Check your yard right now for fall flowers that bees love.  As long as we all grow a crazy variety of interesting plants and flowers, we will contribute to colony strength and order.  Bee (be) crazy.


  1. There really has been quite a few bees around this year. They sure do love your fennel. Buzz ... Buzz

    1. What's in your yard right now that the bees are paying special attention to?

  2. Replies
    1. Bees always look good. They such a symbol of well beeing and abundance.