Monday, August 20, 2012


The first time I noticed it, I almost went weak-kneed.  It was so sweet, so perfect, so rich.  A single cane from the raspberries has created an archway over the gate.  That cane is loaded with berries in all stages of ripening.  They hang like finely detailed lanterns overhead as I enter the raspberry patch.

Could be painted on the edge of a tea cup!

The top two feet of the raspberry stalk is the most tender and least able to support itself. Add to that the fact that with the help of water and aspects related to chickens, the canes have grown to eight feet talk--most of them. Some are closer to ten.

Autumn Gold's need another week to get their glow.

So they arch over in a most inviting and cornucopian style.  Applying restraint to allow the berries to ripen--Things I get to do today.  Eat them whether they are ripe enough or not--Things I get to do today!


  1. Not one single fruit of the garden compares to raspberries. Not one.

    1. I do remember your fondness for these! I'll make a batch of raspberry sorbet in your honor to be eaten by all the neighbors at our ice cream social on September 9. Y'all come on by!

  2. They are so pretty draped over like that! Lucky you!