Saturday, August 18, 2012

Heat Crazy

While setting the sprinkler (hen AC), I nearly
planted my foot on this very unexpected egg!
Maybe it was because I carelessly "locked" the hens out from the nests one long day.  Or maybe they just decided to do the REAL Free Range Eggs thing.  Or perhaps they were inspired by the cute little Song Sparrow nest from last week's blog.  Or the heat has made us all a little daffy.

Things I get to do today, everyday this past week, have me providing extra measures to cool my hot hens.  I set sprinklers about in their yard to wet the ground.  Damp earth is cool earth.
Egg to the right (hard to see) about three feet from the clutch of eggs
 down in a hollow under these branches pruned from the Sequoia tree.
Such a perfect, cute, sheltered little nest! Felt guilty taking the eggs away.

I thought they were just sitting in the shade, panting.  But these girls are full of surprises. Everyday is an adventure.  And I think the heat has made them or me or both a little crazy.


  1. My goodness. Were they maybe looking for a "cooler" spot to lay eggs. The chickens may know, but aren't telling.

    1. That'sit for sure. They may know, but they're not yet talking a language I can understand. Sometimes we humans are so slow.

  2. How cute! Heat will do that to ya sometimes!

    1. Sure does it to me. Today we are at 70 degrees. New life has surged through the whole city and all the critters as well.