Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Born Again

"There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. . ."

Baptism by fire can be part of it.  But once that part's done, I'm left to come up with a use for the damaged object. When there's a hole in the water can, at the very bottom, it cannot  carry water again. Plastic could probably be "welded" and repaired in some way, but Things I get to do today yielded another idea.

Jigsaw modified for a new life

A past post applauded a mulch scoop made from a milk jug.  I called it the perfect scoop.  A more careful review would have noted that it was flimsy and collapsed with pressure. So another scoop was creating itself shortly after.

Born again to a new and useful purpose

Now in it's new form, the previously holey water can is a most sturdy sort of scoop for mulch and soil amendment distribution.  A new life, rising not from ashes but from melted plastic, is ready to be of service.


  1. Waste not- want not - very clever way to keep things going!

  2. Wow ... got to learn a new thing today ... like that lovely song!
    Thanks Andrea!

    1. And, yes, Liza, I thought of you as the long song rang in the ear while writing about the hole in the water can. Tickled that you connected with your "roots." Feel free to substitute "dear Robert" for "dear Henry." The two of you being so bright, I'm certain you'll find a faster solution. Robert will probably figure it out on his own. Thanks for checking in!