Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Turn

Today before you read these words, I'll be on the road.  I'm headed north and east for 6 hours to Spokane and then north another 30 minutes to the farm where I grew up.  My mother, having gathered 90 years, lives there.  By herself.    Many of the thoughts for these writings and definitely the spirits of empowerment were birthed in that fertile country settling.

My own list with numbers indicating priority
So get out your own paper and begin to write, if you haven't done so already:  Things I get to do today.  Create your own list of activities that will truly juice your soul.  It might include a dream from childhood that was never allowed to blossom.  Clean a closet could be on the list.  Build a house (for the birds).  Create a picture with objects, paint or words.  Then relax into the joy of expressing the real you and plark until dark.

I'm away most of the week.  During that time you can accomplish whatever you put your heart to.  Roll up your sleeves and fall to.   Enjoy yourself.  Bliss out.  It's your turn.  See you Friday.

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