Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't Call Sherlock

The cleaning tool
It sucks.  And that's what it is supposed to do.  But last time it was called to duty, it wasn't breathing well, let alone sucking well.

Common vernacular for something undesirable aside, vacuum cleaners are supposed to suck.  My highly efficient cleaning tool seemed a bit asthmatic the other day.  Three passes over some thread, and the weak little thread was still holding its own with the carpet.

Gaping hose connection.  Duhhhhh!

Being a practical sort of gal, I usually investigate the why's of a mis or mal function.  But this time I stubbornly wheezed ahead.  Not until I was nearly finished with the whole house did it really click with me to check it out.  And wouldn't you know, one of the hoses was loose, letting most of the suck action take place at its end instead of with the brushes on the bottom.

Watson would be so proud of me, and "call Sherlock" wasn't even on the list of Things I get to do today.  But if I'm all that Handy Andy, I have to be at least clever enough to vacuum the floor well the first time.  How hard can that be?*

*A faint and wispy memory just floated up about a similar experience with a carpet cleaner that left gallons of hot water in the bedroom carpet instead of pulling it out into the tank along with the grit and grim/grime.

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