Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bliss of a Bath--Simply Salt

I step in, sink down and let it all go--let all the weariness of my day go into the bubbles and warm water.  Any day looks terrific if I know that the last of the Things I get to do today is take a salt bath.  

Remember how good it feels to walk on the beach in the salt air.

Here's the recipe:  3 to 4 cups of regular table salt.  An easy way to think of it is one or two of the little round boxes from the store.  Add bubbles of your choice,  6-8 drops of lavender oil, and enough warm water to cover your abdomen and chest area when you are lying in the tub.  The water needs to be warm enough for you to be comfortable for 20 minutes in this cleansing solution.  After 20-30 minutes, rinse well and you are done. 

Something about the salt and water helps remove tension, stress and the beginnings of whatever bug is currently popular with the rest of the crowd.  Indulging yourself two or three times a week just before bed will help with relaxation and restful sleep and with staying healthy throughout the winter months.  Treat yourself to the bliss of a simple salt-water bath.

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