Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chicken Tomatoes

My hens don't lay tomatoes.  They lay just the regular yellow-yoke and clear-white eggs.  The yokes are actually orange because they eat so much green grass, but that's another story.

We had our first real frosty night on Halloween.  Costumes on the skimpy side had blue people inside no matter what the theme of the outfit.  It seems to happen that way every year.

Sad looking tomatoes gone over the hill
 Mini candy bars and Halloween aside, the frost means that I'm late in taking care of the tomato vines and the remaining red, cracked, orange, pale-yellow and green tomatoes.  So my helpers in the hen pen are thrilled about the Things I get to do today.  As I clean up the beds and make a collection of tomatoes that may ripen in the house, I'm also filling a bucket with all the others for the sweet-singing gals.   The best treat for the sweeties in the feather outfits is "chicken tomatoes."
Trick-or-treaters who showed up at my place.

Cozy, stunning costume with a pink chicken inside

Chicken Candy

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