Friday, November 25, 2011

Like Things Together

I made a promise to the garage work bench.  Back on that day (10/16/11) when I wandered around the house "purposing," the garage was second in line for some serious organization time. I'd already purchased three drawer/bins from my favorite store that would help get a grip on the clutter that always follows not having a place to put things away.

Clutter on the front edge of the shelves piled several layers deep
makes it impossible to see what's behind or under the stuff.

Obviously, if there isn't a place to put something away, we can't just stand in the garage and hold it.  We set it down just to get on with life.  Pretty soon the "just set it down" pile gets in the way of progress.  That's why I made that purposing promise, and fulfilling that promise is tops of the Things I get to do today.

Same view with trouble on the work bench as well--note boxes of
screws piled next to the work bench angel.  

What I really wanted to do today was make the tall gates for the hen pen.  But life (clutter) was in the way.  First things first. *

Space to work as well as clear, clean access to the banks of
organizers in the cabinets.

Wisely when the table saw was out the other day, I made the track/rails for the bins that would find a place under the cupboard.  So today in a few minutes the rails were installed and the bins were fitted in.  Now the fun part began--getting to haul all the piles from the "just set it down" places, sort it out, find a place for it or throw it out.  Plenty went into the trash.

Drawer/bins installed under the cabinet.  Boxes of screws
fill one of the drawers, sandpaper another and all the
miscellaneous items were placed in compartments in the third.

Two of the most helpful tips in getting organized:  Store like things together and store items where they are used.  If the area is just chaos, an excellent approach is to remove everything from the storage space.  Then put back only what you want to have there.  Put everything else in a box to sort: keep, donate or trash.

*The gates were made with amazing ease once all the obstacles were removed.  A sparkling clean area to work in makes any task easier.

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