Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Circle of Love

Maybe in a past life I was a tree.  I'm not sure if that is possible.  But when I opened the box and then the plastic bag that contained this wreath, the fragrance exploded through my whole being.  It wasn't just an ordinary nice smell.  All my cells understood that.

The box and its contents were not a complete surprise.  My dear, long-time friend, Therese, has sent me a wreath for my birthday, for Thanksgiving and for Christmas for several years now.  Since these three events are so close together, one glorious wreath is that circle of love that expresses her wishes in my behalf.  And I gratefully accept them.  This year the wreath stayed inside a few days while the bliss of those branches blessed our living space.

The last of the Things I get to do today is hang the wreath outside where it can stay joyously fresh until New Years and where it can send greetings of love, joy and peace to all who pass by.  Thank you, Therese.

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