Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Year and Two Days

It took just over a year. I should be surprised it was that long. Rats are smart critters, and the local gang finally broken into our "rat-proof" chicken feeder.  The last two days they've been feasting there every time I glance out the window.

24-hour dinner table

With chickens around, rats are like first cousins, except closer.  Since hens are not thorough in getting every morsel of grain or feed set out for them, the frugal rats take care of any that is left behind. For that reason I built a giant bird feeder that rats could not climb up nor jump up into.

Plastic creates a "no-holds" area next the the feeder.  I will probably
need to cover a larger section of the screen soon.  Fast learners.

It took me two days to spot the rats' point of entry and to put the solution in Things I get to do today.  A large piece of plastic is now on the wall of the chicken coop.  The little critters have been climbing up the screen of the coop and jumping down and over into the hens' dinner table. The invitation to dine has been withdrawn.


  1. Rats on those rats!! We too have rats that like to hang out at our place. My hubby has marks on the wall for each one that he has gotten. We also have a ground squirrel that sits on top of the chicken coop in the morning watching for feeding time.

    1. How does your hubby "get" the rats. Turns out I need a bigger piece of plastic already.

  2. We have had to start putting the dog food up, as the cardinals are addicted to it like crack! We don't want to enable anyone.