Friday, April 19, 2013

Rosy Glasses of Spring

First apple blossoms on my baby tree.

The title really grabbed me:  Lost: One Pair of Rose Colored Glasses.  

This novella by fellow blogger, Amy Dingmann  (, is sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for a stormy day so I'll stay out of the garden and read it.  In the mean time, I'm enjoying watching spring play with the title as I go about the garden Things I get to do today.
Dogwood's butterflies winging in the sun

Everywhere one looks Spring has displayed her optimism through rosy, pink flowers.

Cherry pompom

Love energy is pink. We are surrounded by its reassurance.  Spring has not lost her glasses.

Optimism at its best.


  1. Lovely! One day I looked around and there were in fact blooms everywhere! So fast from yuck to Wow!

    1. We are so fortunate to be in the part of the US that has not had recent snow. Just when despair is ready to settle in for a long stay, Hope flies in on pink wings.

  2. We have loads of white Dogwoods blooming right now. They are so pretty. But I love those pink ones too. Alas, they don't grow wild in the woods. The apple blossoms are so pretty and smell so good. We had loads of apple trees when I grew up in Ohio. But here, although many try to grow a good apple, in my opinion they turn to cotton!!