Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fruit Cake for People Who Hate Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake with Coconut
whipped cream

Don't run for the nearest door just because the title says Fruit Cake.  This is a cake of a different color.  Fresh, Spring, Summer, Juice, and Glorious were all invited into the recipe.

Symmetrical melons are easier
to work with.  2 cakes from one
melon.  Cut off ends. Cut in half.

Fortunately, it takes very little time to prepare, and no two or three months to ripen.  This is ready to be eaten in minutes (can wait a few hours).  So grab your forks.

By slicing at the outer edge of the rind you
get the most from the wider melon below
Ready to decorate

The idea/recipe came from Rawforvitality's post on Facebook:  Rawforvitality. They used whipped coconut milk for the "frosting."

About 10 strawberries and one kiwi.
Blackberries were stabilized with

Just waiting for someone to sing "Happy Birthday,
dear Teresa" then add the whipped cream.
My trial run on that found that the brand I used would not hold its shape for more than a few minutes.*  I needed three hours of "solid" frosting to hold until we were ready to serve.  My solution:  Cover the sides of the "cake" with halved strawberries.  Serve the whipped "cream" on the side so everyone can pour as much as they like over their piece.  Sharing the cake with friends today and sharing the recipe with friends in blogland are Things I get to do today.   I am so blessed!

*PS. The "cakes" were served up to many oo's and ah's.  Coconut cream on the side.  As the cream warmed to the room, it seemed to hold its shape better.  Recipe said to chill it first.  Next experiment will be to start with the coconut milk at room temp.  No sugar or flavor added to the coconut milk.  It was sweet enough on its own.


  1. This is the exact cake that I saw on the RawForVitality's page that I said I wanted for my BD!!

    Thanks for doing the trial run!


    1. It's well worth the effort. I used "Coco Fresh" brand of coconut milk from New Seasons, picking it because it had the highest fat content, hoping it would whip better. I would do a test of the milk and watermelon just to see how long they would stay together before doing the whole "cake." Certainly no guilt in having two or three helpings!

  2. Great idea! This definitely sounds like something I am going to make when the weather gets warmer (it's heading into Winter on this side of the planet.) I use coconut cream rather than coconut milk for whipping. I chill it until it separates and scoop off the solid cream on top, add some vanilla and whip it. The more liquidy cream on the bottom I use for something else, a curry or somesuch. Or freeze it. I love coconut!

    1. Not a winter dessert, you are SO right. Love your tip on taking just the top and considered doing that somewhere along the process, but didn't. I'll do that next time. The idea of going into winter right now leaves me "cold" so to speak, since we've just escaped its clutches. Blessings to all the folks down under.