Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mountain High

They are over 10,000 feet at the top. As I sorted through the Things I get to do today, finding my way into the high mountains felt like the best choice.  From the eastern edge of the L.A. Basin, the mountains rise up in a massive ridge across the northern skyline.

In less than an hour, we found our way from the 2100 ft. floor to over 8000 ft.  The temperature was 37 degrees, and snow hung in the shadows beside the road.  The air was clear, fresh, fragrant.  We followed a little road down to an area called Seven Oaks and explored a segment of the Santa Ana River.  Boulders delineating the parking area caught my attention.

Textures and lines

Shapes and squiggles

I've found my mountain high.


  1. You were sooo high,,,, did you reach out and touch a star?

    1. Well, Tweedles, that is, indeed, a happy thought. I was close enough to do it, wasn't I. I'll remember to do it next time. Thanks for the encouragement.