Monday, February 11, 2013

Slug Hunter in My Bedroom!

Oops!  Cut it before taking its sad picture

I stopped dead in my tracks.  Dracaenas are erect-growing, sturdy plants. They do not, under healthy conditions, hang their bushy, green heads like a goose going after a slug. The dracaena in our bedroom was doing that--hanging its head but not really looking for slugs. If it was, I hope it didn't find any!

Dry or rotten--which is it?

Closer inspection revealed that there was a dry or rotten spot near the top of the stalk, just under the bushy head. My garden clippers made short work of the whole sprout. Not taking any chances on it finding slugs. Then I contemplated. The head seemed vital enough. The stalk looked healthy. Would they each take on a life of their own if given a chance?
Bushy Green getting a chance to root


                        So here is one more Handy Andy plant Things-I-get-to-do-today experiment for you to keep track off.  All the dead and near-dead foliage and stem were removed from the bushy head.  It was plunked into water. The stalk was also trimmed up clean and put in water. Now we will wait.  And I just checked--no slugs in the bedroom.
Stalk getting a chance to root


  1. You have the longest botanical expertiment windowsill in Portland.