Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lemon Zesting

Looks like lemon zest curls to me.

Lemon is the cook's secret weapon.  I read that in the Oregonian food section just this morning. If something is on the bland side, add a bit of lemon to The Things I get to do today to perk it right up.

Lemon and blackberry

And so here you have Nature, on one of those frequent, grey, uniformly bland days saying, "Let's do what the cooks do and add a zest of Lemon."

Rich center in wine

Walking through the neighborhood to get a few more steps in the fitness counter, I ran smack dab into a whole bush of lemon zest. I know, I know. It is really Witch Hazel. But for this dull day, it's Nature's zest.


  1. So that's what witch hazel looks like!

    1. Delightful, isn't it! Note to self: put one of these in the front yard to greet the weary world.

  2. oh that is so neat! I've never seen witch hazel before either.