Friday, February 15, 2013

Harmony in the Family Tree

Handy Andy, Bertha, my mother's mother, and my sister
in the top row. On the right side of the grouping is my
family with my parents on the bottom right.  Left side is
my husband's family--his parents on the bottom left.
The walls were stripped.  Only the surface becoming "Pale Honey" remained.  When one paints walls, everything has to come down.  The painting project from before Christmas made sure of that.

We've had a mismatched collection of family photos in our hall way for 20 years.  As a few precious ones were discovered or handed down, they've been added to the family tree over the years.  Not all the photos belonged, were significant or contributed to the grouping.

So with them off the wall and on a shelf that would soon be filled with books for my hubby's retirement office, Things I get to do today had better get crackin'.  Handy Andy and Martha Stewart are not the same person, but at least I took a good look at who was in the pile of photos, selecting the ones that belonged, took all the pictures and frames apart, cleaned the glass and spray painted most of the frames silver to coordinate to improve family harmony.  Folks seem to be getting along just fine.

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