Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Real Mouthful!

Radius toothbrush.
Unfortunately no one is paying my to tell you this.  

It was in my mouth.  It felt like a baby's hair brush, but with shorter bristles.   Brushing my teeth a couple of times is part of the less exciting Things I get to do today. And this really is a toothbrush.

Load this baby up with a bit of toothpaste and you can have a scrubbin' good time with froth, bubbles and toothpaste all over, but your teeth and gums and tongue will be sparkling clean while protecting those surfaces from damage by a regular toothbrush, all the while sparing you the grim reality of photos of me with this in my mouth, and that's truly a mouthful!


  1. But your such an awesome spokesperson - someone really should be paying you. :) Thanks for the smile.

  2. Thanks, Darlin'. I'm going to hang in there with this baby until I get used to it. It really does seem to work--if you don't mind the huge mouthful.