Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bees Want You to Know

They're smarter than you think.  If you already are aware of the magnificent process of honey bees, be prepared:  they are still so much beyond what we understand.

Maiden bee on the top right coming in for a landing

Honey Bees love purple flowers.  Their least preferred is red.  It's nice that the balance of Nature leaves those to the humming birds.

A thought about Drones : Drones are not do-nothing free-loaders.  Drones have a critical task in the hive. A Drone tends the nursery area of the hive, singing to the maturing eggs, larva and pupa.  The Drones sing bee wisdom,  bee awareness, bee history through the vibration of their song to the next generation of honey bees. They are communicating all that is needed for the life of the new hatchlings.

Cardoon is a current favorite

In regular commercial bee management, drone eggs/drone cells in the brood are removed with the thought that they are consuming food that would be better left for us to eat.  The result is that each generation of bees is weaker and dumber than the one before since they have not been reared with in the true bee wisdom way.  Colony Collapse Disorder is the result.

Gathering pollen and nectar

Time for all of us who care about the earth to find a spot in our yard or on our roof for a box of bees, making a home for a swarm from the local area.  And then just let them run their show the way they've done for thousands of years.  Things I get to do today:  add Warre' Bee Hive to my wood projects list.

More info: Spirit Bee with Jacqueline Freeman.

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  1. Now this is amazing. I'll share it with some amateur bee keeping friends.