Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunflower Sassy

It's a valiant sunflower, at least.  At its best, it's a symbol of determination and hope.  Check out Cup on the Bus by Joanne.  First of the Things I get to do today is pay tribute to this valiant sunflower and to Joanne for her love of the underdog.  Her adopted sunflower certainly has all odds against it.

The pale one that won my heart

All my sunflowers are rooting for the fire station flower.  From a wildflower seed mix last year, a very pale sunflower showed up in my garden.  I saved one small head of seeds and started them in an indoor tray in the spring.  They had all the luxuries of the wealthy--food, housing, water and protective attention.

First bloom--with a little green tongue

Not all the plants have bloomed true to the pale yellow of that first plant.  They are not slender, short and delicate structures either.  Something about having the initial strong, healthy start has allowed them to bloom, robust and tall.

A week later--full, stick-out-your-tongue attitude

They'd like to send their vigor and cheer to that lone flower in the East, growing in the crack of the concrete in front of the fire station door.  Just stick out your tongue at the odds and glow your heart out, little sunflower!


  1. I have gotten so far behind on following the blogs. You sugar snap peas look great, and the Sunflowers gorgeous! When I see them, I often wonder why I don't include them in my garden, they are so pretty and uplifting. Great Idea on the cover up for the rain barrels too!

    1. Those grands really keep you busy with what's important. Blogs can come or go. Good to see you again.