Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Guilty, Too

Keep your tools clean!  And keep them sharp if that is one of their features.  That's the ideal, and many of the Things I get to do today are about the ideal.   The ideal is great, but then there's real life.

Ugly and not fit to use

A blog follower admitted with embarrassment in response to a post last fall:  I don't take care of my tools.  Just so you know, blog follower,  I don't take very good care of mine either.

All better.  Now it just needs to be activated
by a good strong arm and some determination.

I found this pathetic weed sickle in the shed the other day.  An hour or so later, it was pulled back from the brink of hideous and can now be used again.  Nobody's perfect.  I'm guilty, too.


  1. I'm afraid most of my tools look like the "before" picture--at least the ones I use the most. They ride around in the back of the truck from spring until I close the garden in the fall! This year, I'm hoping to take a day to "put them to bed"--clean, sharpen, and oil the blades; linseed oil for the handles. At least, that's the plan.

    Great job!


    1. Good Luck to you, Nancy. I've had aspirations like that myself. But here I am.

  2. I figured you pulled all your weeds before they needed the big gun, and you didn't even own a weed sickle.

    1. That's SO sweet you of you. I'll try to do a better job and live up to your expectations. Bless you.