Friday, December 21, 2012

Just a Tiny Bit

Here's a question for you!  How does one write about the Things I get to do today when there are so many delicious activities lined up waiting?  Shall I wrap presents and put chicken feathers in the bows? Shall I make Rosemary Olive Oil for gifts?  Shall I create a wowy-zinger salt scrub with the help of my Giant Sequoia tree?

Shall I create seed packets for sharing from those Honeymooning Lettuce plants left alone just long enough in the garden last fall?  Shall I create fun and interesting labels for the salt scrub?

OR shall I go visit my chickens?  Shall I turn them out into the yard since it's not pouring rain for the first time in 48 hours?  Shall I enclose the coop with protection against the elements to make it more cozy for featherless hens?

OR perhaps I'll jot you all this brief note, be grateful that I have eyes that see and fingers that move to do my bidding, and go to bed early.  It would be easy to go circular, just a tiny bit.


  1. ooohh salt scrub tutorial please!! we fell in love with the giant sequoias after a visit to Sequoia National Park a few years ago. I could sit there for hours...

    1. Ah, Sweetie, we have a magnificent 30-year-old Sequoia in our back yard! I snipped a few greens from the tree, buzzed them in the blender with tea tree oil, scotch pine oil and a bit of water. This "sauce" was then added to a big bowl of regular salt and blended well. It is wildly fragrant and a rich shade of green that is beyond refreshing when used in the shower. Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Hi my friend..
    I wonder what you ended up doing?
    So much to do--- I bet you let the chickys out.

    1. Smart one you are--out went the girls for a romp in the green of the lawn!