Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tooth of the Lion

Tooth of the lion

These guys really know how to propagate.  I was observing the stages of the process the other day--part of the Things I get to do today when I have everything else done.  This is where you are supposed to laugh.  When does anyone, even a "get-to" person, have everything else done?  But back to the guys/gals in my yard and their techniques for spreading the word and themselves.

Lying low and waiting for the seeds to develop

Dandelions could also be called "Artful Dodgers."  This is what I've observed: A bloomin' Dandelion stands up as tall as it can to be pollinated. After the pollination process, the flower closes up and lies back down, tucked tightly out of sight until the seeds mature.
Growing tall to catch the wind

Full blown, full bloom

Upon reaching full potential, the seed head stands straight up and grows quickly--several inches in a day or so--so that the pretty, puffy seeds can catch the wind and make a million more plants.  Indeed these Lions' Teeth have quite a bite.


  1. I had no idea they were so stealthy. Like I don't have a yard full. Such a fool.

    1. You have enough to do keeping up with the family and granddaughters that sitting in your field of lions' teeth just won't happen. Now that I know what their up to, not much changes anyhow. No fool, nope. Not either of us!

  2. oh this makes me smile, my dad used to tell us about them being dent a lions! I have to admit I love these pesky flowers :)

    1. Well, it's not like they are in danger of extinction. My chickens love them, too, so I pull the dandelions and toss them over the fence to the hens.