Monday, September 17, 2012

Food Drop #1

Pretty good looking group, though Matt illustrates his bottomless
pocket, a victim of the trail.  Gordon (right) came back to Portland
with me.  Spirit was willing.  Flesh was weak.  30+ miles was enough.
Down to three but ready to set out on the next 33 miles
from Longmire to Mowich Lake.

Remember the clean underwear! Remember to put in the extra fuel. Remember all the components of three meals a day for the next three days. When I went to bed, there were so many important Things I get to do today (the next morning) that I set my alarm for 6 AM. It is "meet-the-crew-to-trade-dirty-clothes-for-clean-ones-and-bring-extra-food day.

Happiest when she's working hard!

A real lunch of Foot-long sandwiches from "Subway" and dessert of peach crisp disappeared so fast you could almost hear it being inhaled.

Securing the trekking poles.

Nearly ready to role.

Well, Food-Drop Mama did a pretty darn good job of driving in provisions, but she didn't bring any brown sugar!  Brown sugar is the key component for being able to swallow the morning oatmeal. Dang!  Well, the raisins, cranberries, and cinnamon will have to do. Promised (and wrote it down) to bring the Brown Sugar to the next connection.


  1. Oh what a "high" it would be- to be going on a big hike like that! Well maybe not that big of a hike!
    Looks like a good time!

    1. Traveling with our imagination makes any hike terrific and possible. Thanks for joining them (us).

  2. What a gem you are to "refuel" the hikers. What a trek!

    1. I know they appreciate it. I'm happy to be doing my own hiking around the neighborhood--distances that my body can enjoy and can use to get stronger. 93 miles is way beyond me at this time.