Monday, September 10, 2012

Life From the Sky

Daphne with its morning drink

It's been over two months, now.  This morning before dawn, before being even slightly awake, I could smell it through the open bedroom window.  Moisture on parched earth--the finest of perfumes!

On a fragrance wheel, perhaps it was between "fresh" and "woody."  An artist of the trade would talk of head notes, heart notes and base notes.

Fresh rain:  fragrance that can't be bottled

No rain for more than two months makes rainy Portland a very dry place.  The Things I get to do today are all now soothed with the balm of this heavenly substance.  The fully-ablaze zinnias are shining wet.  Leaves that have felt only hose water for a very long time are refreshed and serene with real water.  They and I say the fragrance is a blend of "heart" and "heaven."


  1. My granddaughter and I were caught in a heavy rain as we drove home. "Just smell that rain," I said. "It's just water, it doesn't smell." I opened the windows wide and dared her not to smell clean, wet air. Now she knows.

    1. A-a-ah. Delighted that she found awareness under your guidance. Blessings to you both for abundant parfum de rain.

  2. I am glad you had some long awaited rain. I do love that smell.