Saturday, September 15, 2012

Left Behind

Fresh before the adventure

They're on the trail. A text message said they were at Summerland (their second night's camp site), arm was much better, and they were very tired. Today's hike was 10.3 miles with packs averaging 43 pounds. Tomorrow will be 11.1 miles.

It's called the Wonderland Trail, that magical walkway that encircles Mt. Rainier.  93 miles of ups and downs reach over the shoulders and arms of that mountain.  If all the elevation gain were added together it would be four miles of straight up.  Of course, that is not so.

Bailey dog and I 
For days we've been collecting food items that are now assembled into 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches and 10 suppers for four people.   Mountains of plastic bags stuffed with instant oats, fruit toppings, trail mix, beef jerky, rye crisp (I'm in charge of breakfast and lunch) have been forming on the kitchen counter.

But the food was finished, meals assembled, packs were packed, and the crew (spider-bitten arm and all) headed off to their hiking vacation.

Bailey and I are home alone.  My body wasn't in shape to do this jaunt.  Bailey dog needed someone to be with while his owners were away.  Things I get to do today include planning for next time.  Got out a good-sized backpack.  Put in my sleeping bag with 36 pounds of weights.  Will wear it for the next 10 days while Bailey and I walk around the neighborhood.  Hope to log 30+ miles.  Next time someone else can watch the dog.


  1. You go, girl! Bailey us cheering, too.

    1. Thanks, darlin'. I have sore muscles already, but it feels healthy and good. Bailey wears a little pack with his water for these treks. We are both stronger for it.

  2. Hope they had a great time! I'm inspired by your training, you are awesome!

    1. Thanks. Hope you are getting stronger and healthier, too!