Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gone Camping!

Today and tomorrow.  That's how long I'll be gone.  Things I get to do today are:  pack up the dog Bailey, pack up the camp stove, fuel, sleeping bag, pack up real food for real dinner and real breakfast, and drive one state north to Mowich Lake on the northwest side of Mt. Rainier. I'll camp one night with  those hungry Wonderland Trail hikers, feeding them dinner and breakfast the next morning. The menu for dinner is lasagna with eggplant from the garden and tomato sauce squeezed out of our own Rapreco Paste Tomatoes.  The sauce was the best I've ever eaten, I swear!  We'll add a huge tossed green salad and finish it off with wet, wet, juicy watermelon.

Breakfast to fuel those three pair of legs to Cataract Creek Campsite will be fried potatoes (from the garden), scrambled eggs from our chorus of hens, and sticky, gooey sweet cinnamon rolls from the nearby chain grocery store.  We are not so high and mighty as to not recognized the value of something that tastes this good that is filled with sugar and refined flour.  Hooray for common sense and happy campers.

Lasagna with eggplant and homemade tomato sauce

There'll be have more photos when I'm back on Thursday afternoon.  You get the leftover lasagna, if they leave any.  If they liked it, I'll write up the recipe and share it with you.


  1. Aren't you nice. What a great plan B to go join the intrepid hikers for an evening.

  2. It feels good. And synchronicity brought me, just this morning on my own backpack hike, the mother of a friend of my daughter from grade school days. This woman has been longing all summer to be on the edge of Mt. Rainier and camp. I'll pick her up in an hour or so to come along and experience the bliss of the exquisite mountain.

  3. Everything going Okay miss Andy? Hope your camp turned out Okay, and I can't wait to get the eggplant lasagna recipe/