Wednesday, September 4, 2013

With What You Have

A rock-climber's baling wire!

For us it was always baling wire. On the farm, if something broke, the go-to repair item was what was always readily available--wire from the hay making process.  Bits and short lengths of it were often secured near fence posts, the chicken wire hen enclosure, and stored in the repair/tool shed where they would be easy to grab for that quick fix in a pinch.  But then anyone who would use baling wire to make repairs on their actual farm equipment was the object of much derision. My prayers could have included, "Please, God.  May I not find baling wire in the Things I get to do today."

Bailey will NOT escape through this gate.

But one uses what one has.  Bailey, our grand-dog, escaped from his yard because the gate latch was not well secured.  From the household of an outdoors woman came the perfect solution not even close to baling wire.  Things have certainly changed.  My daughter done good!

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