Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Tooth marks and the tit bit off
No skins in ratatouille
They don't like the peelings. Bet you never knew that. When the little rats (read "big, well-fed with sleek coats"), decided to take on my tomato patch, they taught me a thing or two. No skins, and the Rapreco Paste tomatoes are first choice. Galina, a pretty, little yellow cherry is least preferred. Jeune Flamme', a medium orange lovely, is somewhere in between.

Garden "udder" of juicy goodness
While the furry little critters are "adorable" in a Pixar movie, my fondness for any sort of rat is rapidly slipping away.  But when I think of the food view these rodents have in the garden, I do have to chuckle.  Rapreco Paste tomatoes grow a very pointed end.  From down under, it must look like a giant red udder with dozens of tempting red tits hanging down, begging for a nip from critters with elegant and discerning taste.

Tempting titters

Checking the eggplant was part of the harvesting Things I get to do today.  No tooth marks there or on the garlic, onions, basil, peppers or parsley.  This low-class band of thieves must be working on a one-ingredient version of the dish.


  1. I can't believe they left the skins! I didn't know they were so picky!

    1. Did you know that they would come in at night and race your garden? It certainly did give me visions of a rat saying, "This would go well with mushrooms and thyme."

    2. "Raid" your garden. Unfortunately, they probably "race" in my garden as well.

  2. Replies
    1. My guess is they will teach me many things I didn't know I wanted to know.