Saturday, September 21, 2013

Best Answer I've Seen

Rotary cutter makes this quick work

Not a "keeper."  Don't save mementos.  Not a "collector" either.   But I have to say that throwing away fabric of any kind, as in into the garbage, is really hard for me.  So sorting through the linen cupboard and coming up with four old pillowcases that were no longer fit to lie ones head upon really put me into a conundrum.

An online search for ways to recycle pillowcases yielded nothing helpful.  You can, if you have one, put the pillowcases over the individual paddles of your ceiling fan to clean them.  We don't have one. Pillowcases make very poor rags for cleaning--too smooth, not absorbent.

Waxing (as a depilatory) grew its way into Things I get to do today, and the idea struck like lightning.  Cut the pillowcase into the little strips needed for pressing over the wax and jerking the hairs out.  Works like a charm.

These are 1 x 3" strips, perfect for brows and small areas

And free of charge here are two more ideas.  Use cut strips for rag curls.  If you sew, toss the pillowcases into your drawer of interfacing fabrics--just right for soft interfacing treatments.

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