Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is Fell*

Nothing is forever.  Not last year's leaves, even if a tree is "evergreen."  What that means for a Giant Sequoia is that their leaves do not last only a spring/summer/fall, but for a full year, plus a few months, and every fall they loose the leaves from the previous year.

Golden carpet

Today while the Things I get to do today kept me safe and warm indoors as Nature assured us rather wildly with wind and rain that it was no longer summer, fall fell. Leafy needles everywhere.  Brown/black earth turned gold-orange in a few hours.

Nourishing itself with litter back into the soil
*An old rhyme that delighted a friend in high school in the 1960's:
Spring is sprung.
Fall is fell.
Summer is here,
And it hotter than
the average.


  1. I loved my uncle's piney woods in Michigan. Every year the carpet of needles deepened, and the smell was wonderful.

    1. It doesn't get better than that, except maybe the smell in spring after a nice rain.