Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Too Many for the Road

Drunk is never a good thing.  If you are a Robin, it's even worse.  The sky and the road and windows all look the same.  This fat fellows found the "sky" had suddenly grown solid.

Abundant Porcelain Berries
Too many for the road OR the skies

The rain and the time of year conspired to bring down the Porcelain Berries and all their leaves. Nearly every morning, Things I get to do today include blowing the results off the patio. This morning's ritual moved smoothly until my eye reached this fellow--fortunately before the wind of the leaf blower caught up to him.

Drunken Robin survived his window 

He was one of many of his fellows who feast on the blued fruits of the Porcelain Berry vine.  The nearby house window looked like the path to freedom in the skies.  Not so.  He crouched on the patio without moving as I quieted the leaf blower.  A big leaf had lodged on his beak and head.  As I pulled off the leaf and took his picture, he remained motionless, waiting patiently for his wits and senses to return which they eventually did. When his drunk wears off, will he remember?  


  1. Replies
    1. Other than severely stunned, we can assume he was OK. No evidence to the contrary, but a very rude awakening

  2. Holey moley. I hope he knew all the neighborhood cats were away from home before he started bingeing.

    1. Fortunately for him, the several neighbor cats turned a blind eye to his indiscretion.