Friday, November 16, 2012

Lipstick RED

Burning Bush

Drop-dead gorgeous! I've always wanted shrubs this color.  The very same type have grown in my own yard, but in the fall, the leaves turned a reddish brown.  That was it.

Maybe it's a crisp, deep frost that helps them reach a glory-hallelujah state.  It is never cold enough here in the fall to cause this explosion of color.  But at the other house, over the mountains where our daughter lives, the show is spectacular.  And for now, Things I get to do today, appreciate the ruby lips of the lively leaves no matter where they grow.


  1. Burning bush and others give us a lot of fall color. Sumac and poison ivey are a couple other brilliant reds.

    1. I've seen the poison ivy out in the wilds, but haven't had the pleasure of close examination or photography. Just may pass on that.