Monday, November 5, 2012

In Passing

"Slow me down, Lord, I'm going too fast," the song goes.  Well, that happened for sure on the drive back from my mother's place.

Washington side of the Columbia River just west of Hood River

On my way North, I missed seeing the orange marmalade of Fall flow down the gullies of the muscled hills.

Bright moss mounds in rolling landscapes
Won't see this at 70 miles per hour!

Driving back to Portland, a traffic alert reader board informed us of an accident ahead.  Half an hour later traffic slowed to a walking pace with a quick catch-up step in between.  At that pace Things I get to do today include taking time to breathe and relax and noticing art in the highway divider.  That's not where one normally turns for beauty and balance.  But it is there.  Just slow me down.


  1. Shouldn't that moss be on the north side of the highway? Nice picture!

  2. Well, we know that rule for trees, but in this incredibly wet climate, moss grows on all sides of everything. Thank you, Joanne.