Saturday, November 3, 2012

Secrets of the Earth

Replacing raspberry support posts

Be careful when you dig.  It never entered my mind to dig with caution, but my eyes are always looking for the unusual.  While at my mother's, the Things I get to do today list always includes a multitude of opportunities for exploration.  Replacing rotted-off supports for the raspberry canes was unexpectedly one of those times.

Critter was found right where the canes plunge
into the earth

Right next to the post hole, something caught my eye.  Creamy white is not the color of dirt.  This was something else.  My gloved hand scooped up the odd object while my stomach gave a little churn (sorry to admit that whatever this critter is becoming makes me a little ill even now).

"Whatever it is" sitting next to "whatever it was"

Regardless of my feelings toward it, it agreed to sit for a couple of photos.
Furry little feet are part of this guy's equipment.

When the post was in place, the hole filled and tamped, the little critter was returned to the earth, just an inch or so under some fluffy, sandy soil.

Keep your secret.  Reveal yourself when your time comes.  So pleased to have accomplished my task and kept you safe.


  1. Don't care to know anything more about the grub. Raspberries, another matter....

  2. The earth holds many secrets, doesn't it? Some are better left secret!