Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plant Promises

The gusting wind woke me and kept me from sleep.  It was well below freezing, and I, right there in the middle of the night,  promised my Daphne that I would cover them from the harsh wind first of the Things I get to do today come morning.  Their tender little flower buds were already fat and pink, the fragrance still concealed tightly inside.

But when morning came, the flower buds looks browned and "burnt" from the cold and low humidity. It seemed too late. I thanked them for trying.  There would be other flowers.  There would be other years with less harsh winters.

But now this morning, two weeks later, the snows and ices all melted, the smallest flash of a flower caught my eye over breakfast. Was it really possible that the Daphne kept its promise of blossoms and fragrance and bliss though it was too late for me to keep mine?


  1. Daphine kept her promise,,
    and she knew you tried.
    That's why she gifted you with her blooms!

    1. A-a-a-ah, Tweedles! I'll bet that's the reason. Thanks for passing on your delicate wisdom. Love, Andrea

    2. Love the Daphne. Makes me homesick. I am in Sedona getting ready to toe leave for teec no pos and Window rock , flagstaff and on to Santa FE, but i miss the smell of my Daphne.

    3. Hurry home, Kathe. I'm sure some of it will wait for you. My bushes are by the front door. Love their fragrant comments as we come and go.

  2. Home is always good ! When are we going out again, but of course to a different place? The cacti here are just starting to think about blooming. The sky blooms instead in the most beautiful colours!