Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm skidding in with this last of Things I get to do today.  One more day of crowding it out and I'll be too late to write a January blog! Monday I sweat on my walk, and I don't usually sweat unless I'm really working hard.Jacket was tied around my waist, sleeves were pushed up as I summited Pilot Butte. The sun was summer-warm on the south side of this hill in Bend.  Snow and ice hunkered in the shadows on the north slopes.

The next morning freezing fog crafted ice thorns on the north side of the shrubs out front.  A casual bystander commented to my husband who was skiing in 48-degree sunshine high up on Mt. Bachelor a few miles away, "Welcome to Junuary!"


  1. Your really "rocking it"!
    Good for you for pushing yourself sooo hard. Your living!
    And those photos are gorgeous!
    So glad you and hubby found time to enjoy your worlds!

  2. Good for you. You will keep up with the best of them come summer.