Friday, February 28, 2014

Fortress Refortified

Hens eat the whole seed.  Two hens can clean
a dish is one minute!  They don't have time or
need to select only the tender inside seed.

The fortress has fallen.  The evidence has been toying with me for several weeks:  sunflower seed hulls.  That's it--the grey, split, empty half-shells.

Here's the deal.  Every evening when the Lovely Ladies go to bed, they get a generous cup of sunflower seeds for a bedtime snack.  If they don't eat all of it, the remaining seeds are there for them when they hop down from the roost in the morning.  By the time the coop is opened the next morning, the dishes are empty, until recently.  That's when the hulls appeared, and I knew that rats were coming in in the night and slicking up the treats.

Rats were coming in under the door.  It has just now
been reinforced with ½" hardware cloth.  

Hardware "cloth" and plywood make up the walls of the chicken coop.  All the eaves are sealed. The floor is made of 12" concrete stepping stones.  It is indeed a fortress.  Finding the weak spot has been niggling into the Things I get to do today for some time.

New screen over the big hole the rats carved in the door sill.
Tonight's feast is canceled.

This morning I stumbled upon it.


  1. Those rats are crafty! Something tells me, you will be finding another "weak spot" soon........

    1. I'm praying that that is the only weak spot.

  2. What rats they are. Hope you foiled them. Are those holes small enough.

    1. ½" hardware cloth keeps them out all around. They certainly cannot continue to chew holes on the sill.

  3. I hope it keeps those tricksters out!
    And the ladys feel the same way- I imagine!
    Their smart buggers! Squirrels are smart too!

  4. Nasty little critters Rats. Luckily none has turned up here as yet, or maybe my two hens have seen them off!