Sunday, January 19, 2014

Path to Progress

The path to progress and good intentions walked
into reality.
I bought the boots.  They're actually just a sturdy hiking shoe.  They're made for walkin'.  And we are certainly do that.

When people ask what Handy Andy has been doing lately, my reply wants to be a monosyllabic "walk."  It really seems like that all that gets done.  My moderately busy body has gone from logging, at best, six miles a week to pounding out 25 to 30.  And it takes time to cover six or seven miles in an afternoon.  My previously unused muscles are so grateful to head back home, in the front door and sit while I pull off the hiking shoes and blow my nose one more time as it leaks from the chill air.

But this I know for sure as I begin my fourth week of hiking on purpose around my neighborhood, that though this may fill up a significant portion of the Things I get to do today, and though the muscles are really tired on the long-walk days, now is the best time to build a stronger body.  All the paths walked are progress.


  1. Thats a lot of miles you are walking,,! You go!!!
    I think my mommy needs some of the vitamins you take-- then maybe she would walk too.
    I hope your footies stay warm when you walk- its all frozen here.

    1. Actually my hubby dragged me along. He needed to walk and I went along for the ride. It is so much easier to get going at first with that kind of help. Now I've walked twice without him, and probably will keep it up! Thanks for your concern for the feet--it's the nose that gets cold and runs like a river!

  2. Good on you! Right now the only walking I can muster is on the weekends, some day that will change.

    1. Weekends are a VERY good place to start! Good for you. However, "Someday" is not on any calendar I've ever seen. How 'bout you leaf a few months forward and writing it in. Then walk for just 15 minutes on those days.