Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Upping the Down Down

Emptier near the top (right) and puffy full near the bottom (left)
It's been slipping out at night.  Caught it just a couple of weeks ago for the first time as part of the routine Things I get to do today. The top row of our down comforter has twice gone nearly "empty." But gone where? A whole blog sometime back was dedicated to the puzzling situation and the efforts required to fill the top pockets with more down (from an old vest) to plump them up again.

The escape vent is slightly visible on the bottom right
of this square.
The downs traveling down have been discovered.  What appeared to be square totally stitched pockets turned out to have little escape hatches.  All the activity at the top of the comforter required to make the bed, pull the covers up under the chin at night, and a few arms flailing have chased the down down.  That would explain the very thick pockets toward the foot of the bed.

Twenty minutes of patting the bottom pockets next to their "escape vents" upped the down down.  Though some of the hens are scanty feathered around the neck, we in the house are now finally cozy.


  1. I have not discovered the escape vents in my comforter yet. I've read a trip through the dryer with three (yes, three were specified) tennis balls will send the escapees back. Haven't tried it yet. I can also envision the feathers escaping completely and filling the dryer venting pipe.

  2. Hi my friend- is the comforter for you or for the chickys? Me and mommy have a quilt that stuff escaped toooo.. someday we will check into it.
    Thank you for asking the Universe to help me,, I am doing good.
    Happy Thanksgiving