Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holidays Are Nearly Here

I can tell because the earth has her gown ready.  The fabric is a rich brown studded with brilliant pearl-sized beads in turquoise, purple and aquamarine.  Gold bugle beads with splashes of "gold-leaf" complete the design.  If sewing this fabric were part of the Things I get to do today,  I'd be a bit of a wreck.  Sewing beaded fabric is not for the faint in heart.  But Nature drapes herself in exquisite garb that needs no needle, no thread, and only observant heads turn to admire.  
The earth's beaded gown--ready for Holiday parties.  Porcelain berries, stems and leaves on damp earth.
Were a brown velvet covered with these colors and shapes, a dress made from it would stop the show!


  1. I heard the term "winter berries" recently, and the internet says they are any berry that overwinters and supplies food for birds. Do you know the term, and are these winter berries?

    1. Only a few birds enjoy these--Flickers, mostly. In this yard, the Beauty Berry qualifies as a winter berry. They hang on until Mid January when little else is available for birds that love fruit.